As a experienced professional in the modern financial planning/wealth management industry, Bryan K. Shevak has dedicated his last 30 years working intimately with families from around the country to help them pursue their financial dreams. He truly understands the profound effect that money & wealth can have on your life and your family.


Bryan has earned the prestigious professional designations of: CFP® - CERTIFIED
® – Chartered Financial Consultant, &
CLU – Chartered Life Underwriter. He was recently awarded the prestigious Director's
Club status at LPL Financial. This distinction is based on annual production among approximately 14,000 advisors registered nationwide*. According to Financial Planning Magazine, LPL Financial is the largest independent broker/dealer in the nation from 1996-2015, based on total revenue.

Bryan firmly believes that a wealth manager must possess not only the “technical knowledge” to properly advise a client, but just as important, must possess the sensitivity to empathize with and relate to on a personal level an individual's needs and desires. Bryan will literally spend hours getting to intimately know each of his clients before he ever invests any of their money or recommends any type of insurance or investment product or service. In fact, he describes his wealth management practice as more of a "holistic" practice.

This synthesis of the technical & personal aspects of his business is what Bryan refers
to being both “high tech & high touch.” Shevak is passionate about his profession &
takes great personal pride in helping his clients pursue their individual goals.

Bryan dedicates the vast majority of his time to actually working closely with his existing
clients, and therefore only accepts a small number of new clients each year. He refuses to compromise his high level of service by accepting more clients than he can personally handle. He sees himself as a “Financial Concierge” to his clients, available 24/7. As an “independent” advisor, Shevak does not represent any particular company's products, but instead offers his clients the most suitable products and services for their particular set of needs.

If you think this approach makes sense to you, or someone you know & you have over
$1 million in assets to invest, you owe it to yourself to schedule a complimentary (and
absolutely confidential) consultation to discuss your current situation.